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Harley Quinn.   Almost bailed out on this pic since I think it is a tad boring.  But it’s done!



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Lumpy Doodle

Lumpy Space Princess Quick Paint

Lumpy Space Princess Quick Paint

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may302013Felt crumby today. Then I come home and my neighbor decides to idle her clothing in the washing machine. RUDE. Could not do laundry today. Goddammit.


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done, finally. I really should get these done faster.

all Photoshop


Knick Knack


I actually made this a while ago but I never got around to posting it on the web. This character is from the awesome Pixar short “Knick Knack.” It’s made from all white Sculpy and then I painted bits of it.


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Image  Image    Image

For some reason you have to click on the other 2 to get ’em to play. These were done in Photoshop, super simple stuff, just messing around : ) All dedicated to my new kitten, Biscuit!



Speed Paint Still Life

Speed Paint Still Life

1 hour speed paint. Not perfect and not done but that’s what time limits can do sometimes.
Besides speed, the other big challenge I set for myself were the reflective metallic surface and refraction of glass (the metal being the more successful of the two).

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Trudi Castle


I am Trudi of the Castle clan, and a concept and storyboard artist working at DeNA Studios in Vancouver : ) I have a BA in Illustration, a black belt in karate, a motorbike license, and a twin sister! I like to gym, cycle, play games, read, drink  a ton of coffee, and eat eat eat!!

Am currently obsessed with watching the anime Attack on Titan, it’s horrible : D

Nothing fancy to show right now, as I’ve been moving to  a new apartment and haven’t had much time to draw, woe is me. So these have mainly all been warm up/down sketches. Ya can find me:
Mah blog:


The Shuttle Home

Shuttle Home Sketch

A sketch for an upcoming illustration I’m doing. Most likely vectoring this piece since I haven’t done an illustration in Illustrator for a while! These are my astronaut characters. Thinking about starting a mini comic of them and their adventures. Lots of ideas, just need to find the time to work on it. I’ve been digging anonymous masked characters lately… and astronauts! Space and astronomy in general.. I’ve always had a fascination for it.

Hoping to get working on this between commissioned work! Maybe this Sunday I’ll spend time working on it. Haven’t had a full day to myself in a while.

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talacharge phant charge2 299

Working on a new, large painting.   Got some good tips from Trudi and Jenn for composition.  Hopefully it won’t suck.