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sketch challenge 5



hey, i didn’t know a capricorn was a mer-goat.  so this happened.


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Mystery Pirate



The next pirate girl to be re-designed.  Done in Photoshop.


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Venture Girls



Was on vacation last week and decided to paint one small portrait every night of one of the girls in Venture Bros.  (Molotov Cocktease, Dr. Girlfriend, Triana Orpheus)

Quickies done in Photoshop.

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Sketch Challenge 4: Creature of Lore

Sketch Challenge 4: Creature of Lore

What scared me when I was a kid was folklore from the Philippines; Namely one of a Horseman that terrorize farmers. -Bal

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Sketch Challenge 4


Know what scared me as a kid?  fuckin spiders.   after a brown recluse bit me on the throat as a kid, it messed me up in the head.  So I went and drew and painted some!


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Happy 1 year work anniversary to Trudi!



Last year, me and Trudi started at DeNA Vancouver on the same day! It was only appropriate to celebrate it with art and cake!!! CAKE DAY. 😀 Happy 1 year work anniversary Trudi! 😀

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Jackie and other things





Updated character design for my pirate girl plus a fun commission done over the weekend (sorry I couldn’t get to the challenge this week).



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Blue Eyes


Haven’t drawn a naked lady in a while. She’s kinda awkward but seems interesting this way. I need to draw more… T_T;

I wanna make this blog pretty but it’s too expensive to do so on wordpress… may migrate this over to my own server if this is still of interest in a few months.

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Sketch Challenge #2



I know, I KNOW, it was supposed to be a NON-horror character, but Jenn was the only character i could choose!     Attached some quickie sketches as well.   -Dan

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