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Polypterus Senegalus


Doing some doodling a drawing. :3 I think I enjoy sketching and drawing more than full illustrations… :p Well I still enjoy full color illustrations, I just find sketching a lot quicker. :’D It’s more feasible under the schedule I’m on these days! :’D


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Sketch Challenge 4: Bloody Mary (WIP)

Bloody Mary3_wip

Clearly Jenn and I were secret neighbors. ;D

Bloody Mary made me lose sleep at night when I was little.

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Elf (Untitled) Close-up WIP

This is a close up continuation of an illustration I started (and abandoned) a year ago. But I found it again and deemed it worth finishing. The whole piece is vectored except for the blush on the cheek.


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talacharge phant charge2 299

Working on a new, large painting.   Got some good tips from Trudi and Jenn for composition.  Hopefully it won’t suck.

Welcome & Jenn’s Intro!

Welcome to Draw Fighter 2! I suppose there’s not much explanation about this blog yet… we’re still in the works! But some of us are antsy to start posting art! 🙂 So to start things off, all the artists who are participating will post a drawing, sketch or WIP of what they’re working on and a bit about themselves. 😀

Sooo… I’m Jenn, and I currently work in mobile gaming in Vancouver, BC! I originally went to school for communication design, but lately I’ve been leaning towards illustration as my career. Other than drawing and design, I enjoy eating, cooking, casual gaming, toys, and photography.

I’m currently working on a random doodle I did after work on a Friday, which I color during my lunch hour or when I have to hang around work late.  It’s all sketched and colored in Photoshop with a wacom tablet (I’ve been neglecting the cintiq at work and using it as a monitor o.O). No real concept for this piece. It’s more of a painting practice piece. 🙂 Trying to spruce up the painting skills! I’m really enjoying with this and taking my time with it, getting the little details in.

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