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Sketch Challenge 4: Bloody Mary (WIP)

Bloody Mary3_wip

Clearly Jenn and I were secret neighbors. ;D

Bloody Mary made me lose sleep at night when I was little.

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Elf (Untitled) Close-up WIP

This is a close up continuation of an illustration I started (and abandoned) a year ago. But I found it again and deemed it worth finishing. The whole piece is vectored except for the blush on the cheek.


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Sketch Challenge 2


Tentatively titled -“Missing: Ash Ketchum” or “Pikachu Chews”

It was getting late.

It was day two into the massive search, but there was still no sign of the missing 10 year old pokeman trainer. “We’ll find your son,” Officer Jenny said to the tearful Mrs. Ketchum. Suddenly, if on queue, Jenny’s Arcanine started woofing and tugged the officer roughly. “He’s got a scent! This could be it!” Officer Jenny exclaimed. Mrs. Ketchum’s heart skipped a beat as they followed the officer’s Arcanine into the heart of the Palette Town forest.

Mrs. Ketchum hardly noticed how dark and foggy it became. She wasn’t aware of the branches scratching her skin or the chill of the air. She was only aware of the hope her son was still alive. “Ash! Ash! I’m here!” she shouted, “Where are yo–”

Her heart stopped.

All the air evacuated from her lungs. She just could not believe her eyes. Only now, did she see the tatters of Ash’s clothing strewn like bread crumbs on the forest floor and the large coagulated splatters of blood. It was the last thing Mrs. Ketchum saw before she dropped her flashlight and Pikachu lunged.


Pardon any errors in the above quick write. Self-proof read only with questionable gaps in Pokeman knowledge. And… that’s the only thing I’ll apologize for.


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