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Mystery Pirate



The next pirate girl to be re-designed.  Done in Photoshop.


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Venture Girls



Was on vacation last week and decided to paint one small portrait every night of one of the girls in Venture Bros.  (Molotov Cocktease, Dr. Girlfriend, Triana Orpheus)

Quickies done in Photoshop.

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Jackie and other things





Updated character design for my pirate girl plus a fun commission done over the weekend (sorry I couldn’t get to the challenge this week).



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The Shuttle Home – Finished


Finally finished this piece! Lost lots of sleep to finish this one. So sleepeh. =_=; Haven’t vectored an illustration in a while… t’was good practice. :3


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Many lunch breaks later…



…finally finished this one! I kind of got tired and bored with it so it’s not as detailed as it could possibly be… :’D I was going to take my time with it and do a good job, but I’m ready to move on now! :p Need to start working on the challenge! :3 Plus execute some other illustration ideas in mind, otherwise I’ll never do them. :S

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High Lows & Chuck Taylors

High Lows & Chuck Taylors

Doodle I did while listening to Weirddough. 😀 My current fav chill out/hip hop music to listen to. Inspiration song in particular: https://soundcloud.com/weirddough/drkcty

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Harley Quinn.   Almost bailed out on this pic since I think it is a tad boring.  But it’s done!



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The Shuttle Home

Shuttle Home Sketch

A sketch for an upcoming illustration I’m doing. Most likely vectoring this piece since I haven’t done an illustration in Illustrator for a while! These are my astronaut characters. Thinking about starting a mini comic of them and their adventures. Lots of ideas, just need to find the time to work on it. I’ve been digging anonymous masked characters lately… and astronauts! Space and astronomy in general.. I’ve always had a fascination for it.

Hoping to get working on this between commissioned work! Maybe this Sunday I’ll spend time working on it. Haven’t had a full day to myself in a while.

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Robert Soo


Greetings all, I’m Rob – a freelance graphic designer/illustrator based in Vancouver. I enjoy cooking, eating, traditional gaming, sequential media (comics), coming up with snide remarks that I keep to myself. and 1950s sci-fi radio shows.  I am currently minding Jenn so that things with this blog doesn’t get too out of hand. We might have very well have been posting in a “Cast-Iron-Pinata.wordpress.com” blog, or a, “iron-pinata-battle-coliseum-final-fight-ultimate-ninja-storm-2.wordpress.com” (didn’t check to see if those urls were taken yet). But we managed to condense it down to the raw, pure, core of a blog title you now see.

Haven’t had the chance to draw anything lately but here’s one of the more recent-ish ones. Thought there definitely wasn’t enough Lovecraft being posted (the peanut butter of the modern horror genre sandwich). For those not yet in the know it’s an Elder Thing, featured in the novella Mountains of Madness. It’s a nice light read, I suggest that you read it, possibly to young children or those of sensitive constitution.



Hey Jenn, this post took me like… 3 hours!

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Welcome & Jenn’s Intro!

Welcome to Draw Fighter 2! I suppose there’s not much explanation about this blog yet… we’re still in the works! But some of us are antsy to start posting art! 🙂 So to start things off, all the artists who are participating will post a drawing, sketch or WIP of what they’re working on and a bit about themselves. 😀

Sooo… I’m Jenn, and I currently work in mobile gaming in Vancouver, BC! I originally went to school for communication design, but lately I’ve been leaning towards illustration as my career. Other than drawing and design, I enjoy eating, cooking, casual gaming, toys, and photography.

I’m currently working on a random doodle I did after work on a Friday, which I color during my lunch hour or when I have to hang around work late.  It’s all sketched and colored in Photoshop with a wacom tablet (I’ve been neglecting the cintiq at work and using it as a monitor o.O). No real concept for this piece. It’s more of a painting practice piece. 🙂 Trying to spruce up the painting skills! I’m really enjoying with this and taking my time with it, getting the little details in.

Stalk me:
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