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Sketch Challenge #05: Leo


There was a delay with the challenge this round because people were just busy. :’D Hopefully there will be most posts. :’D But anyway, here is my submission… who says sexy has to have nudity? :p Anyway, leo because I’m a leo. I hate deciding! I kinda got lazy near the end of it, but oh well. :’D On to the next! I get bored easy.

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Polypterus Senegalus


Doing some doodling a drawing. :3 I think I enjoy sketching and drawing more than full illustrations… :p Well I still enjoy full color illustrations, I just find sketching a lot quicker. :’D It’s more feasible under the schedule I’m on these days! :’D


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Sketch Challenge #04: Ghosts



This shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone! As a child, I had an irrational fear of ghosts and seeing them in reflections of the bathroom mirror! I refused to shut the door when I took baths or showers. In cases when I had to shut the door, I would sing to myself. :p I’m not sure where it all started? I think hearing stories about bloody mary and watching Candyman when I was 9 didn’t really help. Then I actually had my first paranormal experience when I was kid as well. Since then, I’ve had a fascination with spirits and paranormal activity. This of course, still freaks me out to this day. But, my curiosity for the topic has me seeking for more.

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Happy 1 year work anniversary to Trudi!



Last year, me and Trudi started at DeNA Vancouver on the same day! It was only appropriate to celebrate it with art and cake!!! CAKE DAY. 😀 Happy 1 year work anniversary Trudi! 😀

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Sketch Challenge #03: Penumbra



My submission for this week’s challenge! I was inspired by everyone making fun of me about the “Shadow People“. They’re real! They’re ghosts/spirits… but they look like shadows! :O Anyway, I decided to base my aliens off these shadows. They’re not fully solid beings and rely on armor to create a physical form. They emit a bright blue light through their eyes and organs… They’re called “Umbras” and their home planet is “Penumbra”. 8D

This challenge was definitely not a topic I’m comfortable with as most my art consist of pretty girls or just cute characters. :p So it was interesting to try something new and explore a different part of art I’m not familiar with. I would definitely venture with this sort of art again! I’m looking to improve and expand my skills anyway…

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Quick Paint


Practicing my painting. Did this in about 40 mins or so on one layer! Getting the rough colors down, then go into cleaner rendering. :3 It’s amazing how quickly you can improve by just doing it often. Just about a year ago I didn’t think I would be doing this much painting. I used sketch, then spend hours on inking and then paint under the lines. I find inking really slow and time consuming. I do like how it looks, but with the lack of time I have these days, I rarely do it. :’D


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Blue Eyes


Haven’t drawn a naked lady in a while. She’s kinda awkward but seems interesting this way. I need to draw more… T_T;

I wanna make this blog pretty but it’s too expensive to do so on wordpress… may migrate this over to my own server if this is still of interest in a few months.

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SC #02 : Snow White

sketchchallenge02Wanted to execute this a bit differently, but I ran outta time! Oh well. :’D


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The Shuttle Home – Finished


Finally finished this piece! Lost lots of sleep to finish this one. So sleepeh. =_=; Haven’t vectored an illustration in a while… t’was good practice. :3


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Sketch Challenge #01



For the first challenge, I was inspired by the fashion. :3 I love drawing flowy dresses and fabric… :3

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