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Thought I’d put a different spin on Gemini, giving the twins a much more adversarial relationship as rival assassins! Was aiming for sexy and dangerous!

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oh man.. OH MAN…

I thought I got over my childhood fear of the Boogieman from the ghost busters cartoon… until I looked for a reference for this contest! I painted this pic only after a quick glance of a picture from the show; then I immediately had to shut off my browser

Going to leave my closet open now… else the boogieman’ll get me! D:

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I always thought angels to be pretty compelling nightmare fuel. Of course, not the poncy renaissance re-invented “beautiful people with wings” type angels;  the actual eldritch horror biblical angels as they appear in scriptures. This is my take on an Cherub angel, as described:

Each of them had four faces and four wings, with straight feet with a sole like the sole of a calf’s foot, and “hands of a man” under their wings. Each had four faces: The face of a man, the face of a lion on the right side, the face of an ox on the left side, and the face of an eagle. (Ezekiel 1:6-10)

Apparently, these creatures are assigned your typical ‘guardian angel’ type jobs; the eyes on their wings traditionally implying all-seeing-ness. When they’re not invisibly hovering above one’s head they are supposed to flock around the throne of the almighty to bask in all of his burning, blinding glory; all the while screaming/shrieking his eternal praises (as depicted here).

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