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Sketch Challenge 4: Bloody Mary (WIP)

Bloody Mary3_wip

Clearly Jenn and I were secret neighbors. ;D

Bloody Mary made me lose sleep at night when I was little.

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Sketch Challenge #04: Ghosts



This shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone! As a child, I had an irrational fear of ghosts and seeing them in reflections of the bathroom mirror! I refused to shut the door when I took baths or showers. In cases when I had to shut the door, I would sing to myself. :p I’m not sure where it all started? I think hearing stories about bloody mary and watching Candyman when I was 9 didn’t really help. Then I actually had my first paranormal experience when I was kid as well. Since then, I’ve had a fascination with spirits and paranormal activity. This of course, still freaks me out to this day. But, my curiosity for the topic has me seeking for more.

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Sketch Challenge 04


I cried every time.





oh man.. OH MAN…

I thought I got over my childhood fear of the Boogieman from the ghost busters cartoon… until I looked for a reference for this contest! I painted this pic only after a quick glance of a picture from the show; then I immediately had to shut off my browser

Going to leave my closet open now… else the boogieman’ll get me! D:

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Sketch Challenge 4


Medusa! I was a huge fan of the movie Clash of the Titans, and by far my fave/scariest scene was with Medusa. So here she is, using those eyes!

Bonus 1 year year work anniversary pic of Jenn!



Sketch Challenge 4: Creature of Lore

Sketch Challenge 4: Creature of Lore

What scared me when I was a kid was folklore from the Philippines; Namely one of a Horseman that terrorize farmers. -Bal

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Sketch Challenge 4


Know what scared me as a kid?  fuckin spiders.   after a brown recluse bit me on the throat as a kid, it messed me up in the head.  So I went and drew and painted some!


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Sketch Challenge #04 Details


This Week’s Topic: Monster(s) that we feared as a child
Due Date: Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 EOD
Other Details:

Ref inspiration:


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